Products for the web are more than just or daily business. Being software architects, designers and strategists, we closely accompany our customers on our journey from an initial idea to the launch – and beyond. In a demanding digital setting, we excel in crafting products which captivate users and provide actual benefit for our customers. With the help of our experienced team and far more than Ruby on Rails alone.

How we roll
  • We develop products, not software

    Software is just a part of it. Together, we start with an idea and transform it into a sustainable product in due consideration of the users’ and the customer’s needs. Only when everything intertwines perfectly, we make the product alive.

  • We're partners

    Continuous communication and honest criticism are equally important as transparency throughout all steps. We strive for close cooperation on projects and gather relevant ideas from all people involved. This way, a project is able to live without our involvement some day.

  • icon_we_shape
    We help shape companies

    As entrepreneurs and founders, it’s our passion to build teams, optimize operations and accompany young ventures strategically. We’re allies.

  • We're versatile & flexible

    The unknown often holds potential for innovation. We embrace challenges and reach our goal through agile development. Our technology stack is diverse – we can meet every demand with an expert in house or at hand.

Development, consulting, strategy.

As product developers, our team utilizes all established web technologies to realize a product in the best possible way. Our experience in various industries and countless topics makes us your ideal partner for tailor-made products. We solve problems, identify strategies and train teams to enable results-producing work.

What can we do for you? Contact us, and we will find out together.

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